HVAC for the most industrial sector

Propane Chiller R290 and R454C A2L
Refrigeration plant with ammonia NH3

HVAC for the most industrial sector


We have been maintaining, installing and renovating different air conditioning and ventilation installations in the most industrial sector for several years now. From the preventive and corrective maintenance of large air conditioning machines, through the renovation of many air-conditioning equipment from communication rooms, rooms with a lot of electrical equipment that emit large amounts of heat, servers, UPS, etc., to the renovation of elements of the heating installations, ventilation (air renewal) and air conditioning installations in large office buildings.

On this occasion we leave you one of the many installations carried out in this sector; the change of a buffer tank in an office building in the heart of Alicante, where as always we take care of all the services, such as road closure, hoisting plan, crane service, fees and permits with the town hall, etc. (a complete turnkey repair).

In addition, we have also been carrying out and continue to work on the air conditioning of one of the most important hydroelectric plants in our country, among many other substations.

Thank you for trusting us.

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