Post-harvest technology

Elimination of persimmon astringency

Frimorife stands out for its special facilities to treat products after they’ve been harvested.

We have developed an application for use in atmospheres which are rich in carbon dioxide that allows you to control these factors and set them and optimize the working values identified by our R & D department.

The temperature, CO2 concentration and homogeneity conditions of the gas mixture in the chamber are maintained continuously by means of a control system designed for that purpose. This way we can optimise the CO2 consumption according to the real needs.

More than 70% of the persimmon production from the Ribera del Júcar uses our astringency treatment every year, through more than 60 facilities in companies and fruit and vegetable cooperatives.

Citrus degreening

Frimorife has vast experience in facilities for citrus degreening.

We have made all kinds of facilities for the ripening citrus, both in terms of installing equipment with automatic control, as they add heat and humidity to the chamber, as well as controlling CO2 and Nitroethylene levels too.

The experience that we have gained over the years allows us to select the best method of application, always achieving the most satisfactory results.

Controlled atmosphere

We build controlled atmosphere facilities for all types of products, where we control the levels of CO2, O2, temperature, etc., so that the products to be treated achieve optimum conservation.

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