Frimorife Services

Turnkey Projects

Refrigeration projects surveys

Product Treatments

Oranges, persimmons, garlic, meat, fish, bakery ...

NH3, CO2, Glycol and Freons… facilities

Conservation cool rooms

Ripening cool rooms

Bananas, pears, citrus fruits, etc.

Freezing cool rooms

Ice storage cool rooms

Cooling tunnels

Quick drying tunnels for ice

Quick airing tunnels

Full control of the PC installation



Refrigerated dryers

Meat products, sausages, leathers/skins, cheeses ...

Ice makers

Cubes, sheets of ice.

Insulating panels

PUR, PIR, mineral wool, polystyrene panels.

System maintenance and repair

Online monitoring and control

Facility automation

Dynamic storage and palletising systems

Loading and unloading bay and shelters

Applications for perishables

Classification, reception and dispatch rooms

Air conditioning for specific areas

Engineering services

Maintenance Engineering

Solutions and applications design

Door supply and assembly

Sliding, pivoting, flaps, slatted curtains, PVC, service doors, windows, special climate controlled doors, sectional doors, loading docks, fast doors.

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