Persitech Rojo brillante kaki Persimon installations in Italy and Turkey

Double stage CO2 compressor and pump maintenance

Persitech Rojo brillante kaki Persimon installations in Italy and Turkey


In 2023 we continue to make Persitech deastringency installations of Persimon Bright Red ("rojo brillante") persimmon, with our controlled atmosphere treatment enriched with CO2 (carbon dioxide) in Italy and Turkey. In this last country there are already several facilities throughout the entire eastern Mediterranean basin with our Persitech deastringency technology rich in CO2, where more and more are betting on this fruit in different varieties such as Rojo Brillante, Triumph, and also with non-astringent varieties such as Maxim or Fuyu.

We have extensive experience working outside of Spain in facilities for persimmon deastringency and ripening of avocado, oranges, among other fruits, as well as in the assembly of refrigeration facilities in countries such as Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Peru, Moldova, France, Turkey and Malaysia.

We are experts and pioneers in the treatment for deastringency of bright red Persimmon (kaki), our brand called Persitech is widely known in all areas of Spain where this fruit is grown, a technology that was born in our Valencian region of Ribera del Xúquer, the birthplace of Persimón.

We remotely control the installation online from anywhere in the world, we only need an internet connection.

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