Installation with trans-critical CO2 and R23 at -60ºC

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Installation with trans-critical CO2 and R23 at -60ºC


New industrial installation with trans-critical CO2, booster system with a medium temperature cooling capacity of 350 kw, at a low temperature of -28ºC of 140 kw and at an ultra low temperature with an R23 system evaporating at -68ºC and 48 kw. de 48 kw.

CO2 trans-critical station consisting of 5 compressors on average, 3 low pressure compressors, and another station with R23 coolant consisting of 3 9 hp compressors for deep-freezing. With this we supply 4 fresh chambers, 1 handling room, 1 waste chamber, 1 loading bay, 1 ice chamber, 1 freezing chamber at - 20ºC, and a deep-freeze chamber with R23 coolant condensed in the CO2 station, reaching a temperature of - 60 ºC inside the deep-freeze chamber.

All R23 pipes are made of stainless steel, and the CO2 unit is made of K65 copper. It is worth noting the unique features of the chamber at -60ºC which has two stainless steel evaporators with special fans, with resistances in the fan motor itself so that the lubrication does not freeze. Liquid ejector, gas cooler, intercooler for the lower level, online control of the entire system with our RemoteFrí software. In addition, the Co2 station also has heat recovery up to 200 kw, and can produce hot water at 60ºC..

Images, -60ºC chamber evaporators::

Electric panel

Outdoor units, gas coolers, intercooler, condenser:


Frozen chamber -20ºC:


Work room, loading dock:


All installation has been entirely carried out by our company, Frimorife, with no subcontracting; drains, electricity, refrigeration installation, safety systems, approved temperature recorders, etc. We perform turnkey installations.

This is undoubtedly an innovative establishment and a leader in the field of industrial refrigeration, both nationally and internationally.