Trans-critical CO2 installation with multi-injector

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Trans-critical CO2 installation with multi-injector


Frimorife continues to advance far into the future.

Proof of this is the release of our first trans-critical CO2 installation with a multi-injector. A system with the highest energy efficiency in the current market. A highly sought-after system in all sectors of industrial refrigeration, with the new feature of a liquid and steam multi-ejector, being one of the first facilities in Spain to incorporate this technology.

After several installations with sub-critical CO2, Frimorife has opted for its first trans-critical installation, which has been operating flawlessly for several months now, and is all controlled by our RemoteFrí software, which checks temperatures, pressures and different parameters online from our facilities.

Some images of our new trans-critical CO2 multi-injector installation:
Refrigeration plant:

View of part of one of the tunnels, separated into several sections by automated shutters, so that evaporators can be connected as we fill the tunnel, cooling only the space required.