Beyond Borders

Trans-critical Co2 for the fruit and vegetable sector
Sub-critical CO2

Beyond Borders


This year we have once again expanded beyond our borders, three Persitech facilities in Morocco, two in Larache, and one in Meknes, as well as another Persitech facility in Istanbul (Turkey). There are already many facilities for persimmon distillation, last year we installed one in Lima (Peru) and another in Chisináu ( Moldova).

We have extensive experience working outside Spain in both persimmon ripening and distillation facilities, as well as refrigeration facilities in countries such as Morocco, Portugal, France, Peru, Moldova and Turkey.

In terms of our 2019 refrigeration facilities we have also installed three facilities for fruit and vegetable preservation in Ibiza (Balearic Islands)..

We are experts and pioneers in persimmon distillation treatment, our brand Persitech is well-known in all the areas of Spain where this fruit is grown.

We control the system remotely online from anywhere in the world, all we need is internet connection..


We are grateful to all these companies for trusting Frímorife