Industrial refrigeration with transcritical Co2

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Industrial refrigeration with transcritical Co2


New refrigeration installation with transcritical CO2 booster type.

With a total of 30 evaporators installed, which refrigerate and/or air-condition several refrigerating chambers for fresh food, frozen food, and work rooms.

K65 copper and stainless steel pipes.

Automaton for online control and supervision of the entire refrigeration plant.

Ecological natural refrigerant R744 CO2, non-toxic and non-flammable, without tax or duty, with an extremely low GWP/GWP greenhouse effect, and also does not contribute to the deterioration of the ozone layer.

Transcritical cycle, which offers us a high degree of energy efficiency, compared to other refrigeration systems.

Refrigeration installation, ventilation/air renewal system, approved temperature recorders, drains, electricity, security systems, metallic structure and Gas Cooler. All inclusive, turnkey installation.

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