Rojo Brillante kaki Persitech installation in Turkey

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Rojo Brillante kaki Persitech installation in Turkey

kaki turkey Turquia

Persitech's new kaki (persimmon) ripening installation in Turkey. In this country we have several facilities with our Persitech technology, where more and more are betting on this fruit in different varieties such as Rojo Brillante, Triumph, and also with non-astringent varieties such as Maxim or Fuyu.

In addition, in 2022 we returned to South America again, specifically to Peru, where we already have several clients as well as in Turkey where they bet on our technology, advice and good work.

We have extensive experience working outside of Spain in both kaki nonastringency and citrus ripening facilities, as well as in the assembly of refrigeration facilities in countries such as Morocco, Portugal, Italy, Peru, Moldova, Turkey and Malaysia.

Regarding refrigeration facilities, this year 2022 we have also made facilities for the preservation of fruit and vegetables in Ibiza, (Balearic Islands) where we have already been working on several occasions.

We are experts and pioneers in the treatment for destringency of Persimon (kaki), our brand called Persitech is widely known in all areas of Spain where this fruit is grown, technology that was born in our Valencian region from the Ribera del Xúquer the cradle of Persimon.

We remotely control the installation online from anywhere in the world, we only need an internet connection.

We finish with a couple of images sent to us from Turkey and that make us proud, in which Turkish television has echoed this pioneering technological advance in the country, and they have interviewed to our clients and visited the last of our facilities, which after being in operation for several months has given the expected results. Your success is our success.

rojo brillante kaki turk
kaki turkey Turquia

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