Propane Chiller R290 and R454C A2L

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Propane Chiller R290 and R454C A2L


Refrigerating installation consisting of a chiller with R290 propane refrigerant; a definitive solution with a natural refrigerant, without any added gas tax/fee. This chiller cools glycol water for us, which we subsequently pump (send) to all medium-temperature services (above 0ºC) to cool the different rooms and cold rooms. This chiller has a total of 6 compressors with power partialization. All ATEX elements, complying with current regulations.

In addition to the frozen chambers (low temperature zone), we have installed equipment with R454C refrigerant, a refrigerant classified as A2L. A2L refrigerants are gases whose global warming potential (GWP) is lower than traditional refrigerants (Freon gas), at the same time they are gases that give very good performance.

Having a low GWP, the emissions they can generate are much lower, that is why their A2L gas tax/rate is also much lower compared to traditional freon-type refrigerants.

This refrigeration installation is completely controlled and monitored remotely online.

The entire insulation installation (refrigeration panels and doors) as well as the entire hydraulic installation, has also been carried out by our company, a turnkey project.

Here are some images of the installation

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