Refrigeration plant with ammonia NH3

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Refrigeration plant with ammonia NH3


We present you with this first phase of a new project, which is made up of a refrigeration plant with a total of 10 large-scale refrigeration chambers, where the refrigeration capacity of the entire installation is around 2300 kw, working with natural refrigerant NH3 ammonia.

In this first phase we have installed 2 screw compressors from the manufacturer Mycom Mayekawa, and in the second phase that we are going to start shortly a third compressor from the same manufacturer Mayekawa will be added.


Refrigerating installation with NH3 R717 ammonia.

Hot gas defrost.

Insulation of pipes, separators, and others with injected polyisocyanurate, plus aluminum sheet.

Control and supervision of all the cold rooms from anywhere with internet access (computer, tablet, smartphone...) It also allows the management of alarms via SMS or email, creation of temperature graphs real-time downloadable etc.

Electrical installation, drains, safety elements in cold chambers and compressor engine room.

Always hand in hand with the leading brands, Danfoss, LU-VE, TEVA, Mycom.

Industrial cold work, industrial refrigeration, turnkey.


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